Wind Dancing is the story of a woman, daughter of Hungarian immigrants, growing up, then working in New York City in the 50’s. It’s the tale of her life, loves, and learning the values most important to her over the years. I had the idea and outline, originally titled “Take Me With You – The Search for Mr. Alone”, some years back: the 80’s? maybe. I began writing in earnest in 2015 or 16, finished in 2017, thought of publishing, then podcasting, but ended up recently with this plan: an audio book.

I had chosen popular music from the novella’s era to head different sections, but even 30 seconds of someone else’s music requires copyright permission and payment. So I re-recorded and used my own compositions: forty-seven of my original songs and the story itself – altogether five posts of approximately one hour each. Enjoy it and thank you, if you do listen.

Each hour episode has two parts.

  • Part One: Prelude plus Getting off the Ground
  • Part Two: Getting an Education
  • Part Three: Getting Acquainted, Getting Out
  • Part Four: Getting the Facts
  • Part Five: Getting Experienced
  • Part Six: Getting Continental
  • Part Seven: Getting Back, Getting Wounded, Getting Help
  • Part 8: Getting Healed
  • Part 9: Getting Smart
  • Part 10: Getting the Big Picture, and finally, Getting Home

Song titles and CD’s are listed at the end. This is a story of an approach to life, with thoughts and interpersonal relationships. No big-screen, fast-action blockbuster here, but hopefully some wisdom. Thanks for listening. And please forgive the occasional uneven sound.

Wind Dancing - narrated by Zoe

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