For Zoot - wonderful person, musician, lover, and friend

The show Zootcase is the story of my love affair - yes, literally, - with Zoot Sims. It's also the songs I wrote about him over the years since his death. It's the personal story, of him, the person that I knew, just as a person, not a star, and it's also the story of myself, and how knowing him influenced me and my eventual musical path. It's a love and music story.

It's taken me a long time to tell the story publicly. It's been in my soul for a lot of years. I'm very sensitive to exposing it, and do not want to risk any false colourings. I want it to be real, like Zoot himself. It really is a simple story. I want to honour him.

Playlist & Samples

Creative Team

Recording Engineers:
Norm Baker, Studio 92
Eddie Baltimore, The Recording Service

Zoe Chilco, Jason Argouris, Norm Amadio, Eddie Baltimore, Victor Bateman, Wally Brooker, Maureen Brown, Ron Davis, John Deehan, Howard Gaul, Fergus Hambleton, Henry Helig, Ron Johnston, Jack McFadden, Gary Orme, Dennis Pendrith, Kim Radcliffe, Bill Westcott, Chris Whiteley, Dan Whiteley

CD Design:
Zoe Chilco and Richard Peachey, Goodness Graphics


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