Make life a dance

Decades come and go with different people, loves, interests, jobs, and trends. In the song "Walkin' My Blues", I say that the good things do last. I write and sing to remember, celebrate and share the good things in my life. The decades I have lived become my personal stories.

I thank all the people who have been part of my life's journey, showing me love and friendship, sharing advice, opinions, skills, and laughter. You have all helped me to attain whatever wisdom I can claim, and to take note of the good things. "I still hear a song", says another of my songs, and if grace remains in my life, I'll keep hearing all the songs.

I'll continue to sing and dance through the coming decades, and with this DecaDance, I trust they will lead me "to distant heights".

Playlist & Samples

Creative Team

Recording Engineers:
Joel Blain, Woodfield Studios
Jermy Darby, Canterbury Music
Jason LaPrade, Crystal Clear Sound
Ian Pay, Quantum Sound
Tyler Williams, Studio 242

Zoe Chilco, Jason Argouris, Chris Banks, Brian Blain, Paul Chilco, Gregg Dechert, John Dehan, Carl Dixon, Paul Greco, Ron Johnston, Ian Pay, Chris Whiteley, Julian Yarrow

CD Design:
Zoe Chilco and Richard Peachey – Goodness Graphics, Cover Photo: Linda Kooluris Dobbs


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