As the growing dark of the winter envelopes and shortens each day, I get angry, and rebel by turning on every light in my house – my living space an extravagant ballroom of crystal and light. And who cares? For one day, not me. At bedtime, I turn lights off and sleep, and overnight am seduced by dark and beautiful memories, to awaken changed. One week and the days get longer again. Meanwhile, I write:

I love light; need it;

Crave its colours and edges,

Chase its quickness and fire.

I curse the creeping dark of December,

Dread the drain, the doom;

I fight it with

Man-made electricity,

Turning every bulb ablaze,

Basking in the glowing warmth.

But climbing into bed later,

I mask myself like a bandit,

And steal into the comforting

Black of sleep.

I dream the feel of you,

Awash in a mute, liquid dark

Where we met, once upon a time;

Where we traded the silent,

Flaring and firing

Sparks of ourselves;

Swimming in inky unconsciousness;

Connected us.

When I awaken, I reject the

Too-harsh light of morning.

Masked, I see in the dark,

And prefer it,


From the “Random Ramblings” Collection – December 4, 2018


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