Special thanks to Susan Lawrence

As I say in "The Lovely Lovely Sound", I have always been bewitched and inspired by the magic of music. I was hooked early because no matter what the genre, music moves me - with its excitement, joy and sadness, beauty and freedom. It's a ticket to creativity, and to communication with people everywhere. I also love the exercise of structuring my thoughts and feelings into a pleasing form via the many styles and influences that root my songs.

I draw strength in my life from committed and creative people in literature, politics, art, and music; the people who are motivated by a vision that holds hope and justice (and humour) for everyone. I get really pissed off with the 1%, the greedy guts who want to own it all. They can't own the music of the soul, especially if we all keep singing our own lives, and join with other independent voices to build, not destroy.

I thank all the loving hearts out there, and especially the ones that I know personally - some noted here on this CD, but many others who have entered my life with openness, support, and an appreciation of what is real.

If you fish in the right waters (and you keep the big polluters out) you'll hook the right stuff. Then you just keep on "making your own noise" in song.

Playlist & Samples

Creative Team

Recording Engineers:
Eddie Baltimore, Hutchison, The Recording Service
Norm Barker, Studio 92
Jermy Darby, Canterbury Music Company
Ian Pay, Quantum Sound

Zoe Chilco, Mike Allen, Carl Dixon, John Deehan, Ron Johnston, George Koller, Ian Pay, Marg Stowe, Jullian Yarrow

CD Design:
Zoe Chilco and Richard Peachey – Goodness Graphics


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