From the beginning, or head, to the end.

In the beginning, my head told me, "Are you crazy?" It was hard for me to accept my work, and myself. Fortunately, I had a better, subconscious vision, and I will be grateful "to the end". It moved me to create a voice that rejects negativity and hopelessness: my own voice.

I persevered on stage and sun, throwing down internal barricades; I recorded in spite of doubts, transforming misery, myself, and my whole life in the process, with songs of hope, joy, and love. Now I experience hope, joy, and love for real, in the people and musicians I meet, in the act of creating, and by simply living those emotions every time I sing.

After mastering the tracks of this album, I listened, and, miracle's of miracles, I like it all - songs, arrangements, the colouring provided by backing musician, - and my voice!

Accepting myself is a new consciousness and new beginning on a road that I hope to be on "al fine" - to the end of my days.

I thank all the wonderful musicians and engineers who helped to create this tenth CD, as well as the people in my life whose friendship supports an enriches me through the years. I thank you, the listener of this music, and hope that it brings you some hope, joy, and love too.

Playlist & Samples

Creative Team

Recording Engineers:
Jason LaPrade, Crystal Clear Sound
Ian Pay, Quantum Sound
Braden Sauder, Marquee Sound

Zoe Chilco, Jason Argouris, Mike Allen, Victor Bateman, Bethany Houghton, Ron Johnston, Ken Kawashima, John MacMurchy, John Sheard, Don Vickery

CD Design:
Zoe Chilco and Richard Peachey


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