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A culmination of incredibly dedicated and loving musicians and performers came together with songs/song poems composed by Zoe. All to benefit the important work of Sistering, a multi-service agency for at-risk, socially isolated women in Toronto.

Hugh’s Room was packed with friends, family and fans from Zoe’s life – even her very first vocal teacher attended and told a tender story of how he recognized a special talent in Zoe from a very young age.

Zoe’s efforts in coordinating the concert, arranging and hosting rehearsals, and selling tickets resulted in a donation of $3K+ to Sistering.

People Who Made it Happen

Producer: Zoe Chilco
MC: Carolyn Coburn
Sound: Paul & Tony Chilco

The Band:
Paul McKeracher, guitar
Rachel Melas, bass
Cathy Salvatori, drums
John Sheard, piano
Julian Yarrow, piano

Kim Doolittle
Dawn Duvall
Taborah Johnson
Lucy Lehman

Cue Kirk

Zoe explains how it came to be…

I had the idea for a benefit concert back in January, 2018, hoping to fulfill two goals. First, I wanted to help a women’s organization in the ongoing work of bringing dignity, housing, clothing, or any necessary aid to women here in Toronto. I chose to partner with “Sistering.” It’s a group that has been operating since the seventies, and has provided invaluable counselling and concrete and critical help to countless women.

Secondly, I wanted to hear songs of mine that have messages of equality, social justice, self-esteem, or environmental responsibility interpreted by different vocalists. I wanted it to be informed by the power of the music, and allow for interpretations of how the words might resonate with people.

Zoe basks in the memory of the event…

I’m so lucky to have had in my life the wonderful experience of having an idea for a show, then working on it for over a year, then see it come to fruition last Sunday evening, May 5, 2019, with the most fantastic group of musicians, vocalists, and one entrancing poet – all performing songs and their messages that I have written over the years. They did it with great verve and personality and talent that made the whole place (a full house at Hugh’s Room) go crazy with approval, love, and yes, joy.
The words of whatever quote I’m quoting from a new or old testament, or famous religious hymn – certainly came to life. The happiness was palpable, and I consider myself privileged to have worked with these artists. I got a very good group. And a very good result. And a very impressive amount of funds raised for the beneficiary of the concert: Sistering, a group that helps women in Toronto.

Altogether, a successful venture.

Make a joyful noise, indeed. They all did, performers and audience, and my heart, which is still reeling from the experience, it’s noisily joyful. As the song says: “They Can’t Take That Away From Me”. It will triumph over many a depressing scenario, just because it happened, and I was there.

Another week later, it’s still working its magic.

For more information about Sistering, visit their website.


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