Bruce Iglauer, President, Alligator Records, commenting on Zoe's songs | letter to Zoe Chilco dated July 7, 2012

Baby Keep Me On The Line (from the CD 'One Woman Blues)"Enjoyable and low key acoustic song. Your vocal pitches are good and you tell the story well. Your voice has an enjoyably gritty edge."

One Woman Blues (CD One Woman Blues)"....a little on the Brecht side of things. You do it well, and again you have a lot of variety in your singing and dynamics."

Wholly Blue (One Woman Blues)"I enjoyed this one more than any previous. You sing it very well."

Where's the Cool? (One Woman Blues)"I am still impressed by your range and your pallet of approaches to various songs."

Mr. Wrong (CD Feme Sole)" effective performance that worked for me. Tasteful sax and guitar solos."

My Man Is Special (Up the Highway; Blues Boulevard)"Kind of your Billie Holiday approach. This kind of lounge-y blues works well with your voice.'re good at it."

Blind Lemon Grass (CD Mbodeo)"Fun little shuffle with good personality."

Lost Blues (Between the House and The Barn)"Pretty convincingly melancholy"