Reviews of Up The Highway

Mark O'Neill 103.7 3WAY-FM AUSTRALIA 2005-12-14 What a release!!!! Blues and Jazz that's as good as anything released this year.
Jason (Xu) Marzetti CJSR 88.5 ALBERTA, CANADA 2006-02-19 Wow! Beautiful cd! The vocals were great, and the songwriting was awesome! GREAT production quality! 9/10 Will forward on for airplay.
Henry Prokop 101.1FM Radio AUSTRALIA 2006-01-19 Wonderful stuff!. I started playing the Blues side last week and will be playing it for quite some time.
Gi Dussault Upper Room Radio Show CONNECTICUT, USA 2006-01-19 2 CDs sets you need to have. Very good CD. No collection is complete without this essential.
Dave Doyle Rhode Island College RHODE ISLAND, USA 2006-02-21 Great CD! I appreciate the sound as well as my DJ's. Album is on Rotation.
Michael Criddle Triple H-FM AUSTRALIA 2006-01-01 What a great sound you have, I have played several of your tracks to date and plan to schedule more in future programs.
Bob Parzych WRTC CONNECTICUT, USA 2005-12-13 Love the stripped down sound. Getting a couple of plays per weeks...
Mudshark ArtistSound Entertainment CALIFORNIA, USA 2006-02-02 Incredible ... I play this often on my show, to rave reviews.
Hans-Bernd Kittlaus JazzPodium magazine GERMANY 2006-01-13 Very versatile collection that covers a lot of ground between jazz, blues, and pop held together by the voice of Zoe Chilco. Hans-Bernd Kittlaus Jazz Podium, Germany
Alex Pijnen BRTO Radio NETHERLANDS 2005-12-17 Great cd's. Sounds great.
Chrissy Rasmussen 101FM Radio Logan AUSTRALIA 2006-01-11 my listeners like it - regards chrissy
Tad Graham Noosa Community Radio 101.3FM AUSTRALIA 2006-02-03 Thanks for your CD . I regularly play tracks on my jazz show. Cheers Tad Graham
Wade Tolleson WRUW-FM CLEVELAND, OHIO, USA 2006-01-27 Your CDs were added to our library on 11/21/05. They have been used on both jazz and blues shows.
Dan Behrman November 22, 2005 MONTREAL, CANADA I'm going to play "My Man is Special" on Radio-Canada's Espace musique
Jorg Werner Radio Umland GERMANY 2006-02-10 CD 1: Jump and Jive feeling with jazz of the finest. CD 2: Great disc, and will get certainly a place in the JW-JAZZPOINT. Thank you very much!
Serge Kozlovsky FM Radio Minsk BELARUS Thank you very much for sending me your materials. I was glad to broadcast your two wonderful CDs in my program.
Ilan Oz Radio Judaica BRUSSELS I have your two albums for some time; your music was outstanding in the crowd of albums I received and I do appreciate the maturity and quality, be it the lyrics, the band performing or your voice. Thanks for this something different that is your music and all the best. (Ilan Oz -
Larry Dane-Kellogg WHCJ 90.3 FM SAVANNAH, GEORGIA, USA 2006-02-16 Audience enjoyed the album. Received heavy airplay.
Pascal Dorban Radio ARA , LUXEMBOURG 2005-11-06 Zoe Chilco is at ease both with the jazz and blues session , her voice is deliciously flowing through the listener's ears , she is helped here and there by good musicians , on the jazz side I particularly enjoyed the guitar player. By the way, Zoe Chilco wrote all the tunes which are featured on this double CD which can be recommended for jazz and blues fans alike.
Jan Nederveen Radio Heerde NETHERLANDS 2005-11-24 Popjablues RadioHeerde 24 nov 2005 17. Zoe Chilco No spring chicken CD429-2 3.43 5 05 Two cd's of Zoe Chilco with a jazzy side and an bluesy side. I don't know which I prefer. This time I have choose from the blues side. I like the song "No spring chicken", because it is really the old blues. But also the other songs are more than worth listening. Zoe Chilco sings with the real blues feeling. Very good te hear in the song "My man is special". " Basement blues" is more like Billy Holiday. Zoe Chilco can it all sing. 12-24 Last time I play "No spring chicken". This time I play " If you lie to me". I play it not only that it is a regular blues theme, but I play it specially because it's driving rhythm. It is jazz in the tradition of Billy Holiday with the jazz guitar and the sax lines. No rock blues: jazz blues in it's purest shape. The voice of Zoe Chilco is made for this muisc. She sings it with a deep soul and feeling.
Claude Colpaert Radio Campus FRANCE 2006-02-15 One piece has been on the air for my radio program on Radio Campus Lille North of France last December. I like this mix between blues and jazz. A good feeling.
Erik Vande Voorde Radio Beiaard BELGIUM 2005-12-28 This is a very good cd. Personally I love all the songs. We did some airplay the last week, and results were good. In the meantime our music director will put the numbers in our playlists.
Anthony Farmer Jazz Syndicate Radio KENT, UK 2006-03-15 I love your "Up the highway" Cd and am very grateful you've given me the opportunity to hear it! I'm definitely a fan of the Jazz Junction side and "You Jerk Me 'Round" is my personal fav, with shades of "Take Five" underneath it's getting an excellent response on my dinner-jazz shows. Thanks again and all the best for 2006! Ginger Tony
Dave Hughes NET Radio USA 2006-03-15 This was some fun stuff to play.
Tony Bates Highlands 100.7FM AUSTRALIA 2006-03-14 Two diverse, but strangely similar, albums from Zoe; the Blues set is smack bang up to date and the musicianship on both albums cannot be faulted.
Tony Cabanellas KDHX 88.1 FM ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI, USA 2005-12-14 terrific
Carlos Fernandez Pacin FM Urquiza 91.7MHZ ARGENTINA 2005-11-14 ...CD recomended
Josep Palmada Verdier Radio Vilafant SPAIN 2006-01-23 I have liked the cd very much. shortly it will present as innovation inside my program. I have found it a very interesting cd and of many quality. regards and thanks.
Steve Marlow CFBX Radio BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA 2005-12-07 Top 10 Blues Albums ******** 6) Zoe Chilco* - Up the Highway (Independent)
Tom Bingham WCVF-FM FREDONIA, NY, USA 2006-01-06 Zoe Chilco - No Spring Chicken - Up the Highway: Blues Boulevard
Constantin Sieg Radio Unerhart Marburg GERMANY 2006-03-10 Zoe Chilco: Up the highway (CD Blues Boulevard: 1+2)
Peter Nemes-Nagy Dunakanyar Radio BUDAPEST, HUNGARY 2006-03-09 12:48:54 Playlist - Hungarian State Radio 2nd Program - Blues, January 24. 2006. Zoe Chilco: Red Shoes Blues (P. Ormsby - Z. Chilco comp.) Zoe Chilco: If You Lie To Me (Chilco comp.)
Joost van Steen Alphen Stad FM NETHERLANDS 2006-03-09 Zoe Chilco Basement Blues Up the Highway - Blues Boulevard